Therapy for Immigrants

Immigrating to a new country can cause one to feel alone and disoriented. The journey to travel and leave their life behind is sometimes a huge struggle that people may face. Thus, some people may begin to struggle with difficult feelings. Many new immigrations must learn a new language, going to school, obtaining employment, and filing for legal immigration status. In addition to economic hardships, many new immigrations become concerned and worry about their future. Sometimes, they may even have unresolved dilemmas or intrusive thoughts about past events that can prevent their from excelling in their goals.

As a clinician, I have worked with many clients who are recent immigrants. I aware of the adjustment issues that many cope with as a new immigrant. By conducting a mental health assessment, I can determine the proper level of care for each individual. By addressing these issues and talking about how one can start their new life in the US, many people begin to acculturate to the American culture and begin to adjust to their new setting.

Immigration Mental Health Evaluations

Many courts require mental health assessments and psychotherapy sessions to support immigration cases for clients and their loves ones. Sometimes your attorney will recommend that you go to therapy to provide supportive documentation to your mental health needs.

I have experience completing mental health documentation for the following:

  • Hardship Evaluations (Hardship Immigration Petitions)
  • Asylum Cases

other Services