Couples oftentimes go through rough patches after the initial honeymoon period passes. Whether it’s arguments about her or her beliefs, routines, or interests, it’s bound to occur in relationships.

Having some arguments in relationships is actually quite common and can be healthy. For instance, every individual is different. He or she is going to have different likes than his/her partner. As a result, having a difference in opinion can stir up disagreement. Being able to identify and converse about these differences is important because it can help the couple better understand each other.

Issues arise when an individual has a difficult time opening up to their partner or go about it in an aggressive way. Some people may think that by avoiding the problem or by being demanding, he or she can distance themselves from their partner. As a result, resentment and anger can intensify. When this occurs, couples tend to feel frustrated, stuck, and sometimes even consider breaking up.

Learning how to communicate effectively is a skill. Please consider the different styles of communication, which include: 1) aggressive, 2) passive 3) passive-aggressive, and 4) assertive. Once one can identify the type of communication he or she is using, one can learn to use different words to express her or her thoughts and feelings. After all, our reactions are important and should be expressed. Learning how to express them is oftentimes the challenge. Couples counseling can help each partner recognize his or her communication styles and learn how to problem solve communication issues. Once communication skills improve, the couple will feel stronger and able to problem solve more effectively.

When issues arise in relationships, it is important to address it as soon as possible to avoid escalation. In society, we often hear that when couples come to marriage counseling, it is already too late. This is often because emotions have built up intensely at this point. Although not impossible, sometimes people may have difficulty letting go or have given up. As a result, addressing differences and communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

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