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Telehealth Options Available

As the entire world faces the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have been carefully observing and adjusting to these unprecedented times. By complying with both Gavin Newsom’s statewide stay at home order and the city of Los Angeles Safer At Home order, we have transitioned to telehealth therapy formats for our clients. As the situation continues to […]

Communication In Relationships

Couples oftentimes go through rough patches after the initial honeymoon period passes. Whether it’s arguments about her or her beliefs, routines, or interests, it’s bound to occur in relationships. Having some arguments in relationships is actually quite common and can be healthy. For instance, every individual is different. He or she is going to have …

Behavior Modification: The Process of Change

Oftentimes, people may feel as if they don’t have control over their emotions or their actions. It may seem like they have become out of touch with themselves. Emotions come in different intensities. Sometimes, they are low, medium, or high. Identifying when this occurs is key, but sometimes it is difficult for people to be aware […]


People often identify many barriers to why they are unable to make time for themselves. They discuss hectic work schedules, tedious chores, and taking care of family, are some of many reasons why people are unable to engage in self-care activities. Time management is important a very key to finding the time to look after […]

TF-CBT: Trauma Treatment for Children

During my experience as a therapist, I have taken a liking to working with several clients dealing with trauma. Situations have varied from natural disasters to physical and sexual abuse. I often notice that some of my clients have not been able to identify that a stressful event is interfering with their everyday tasks. All […]

People Pleasers

Some of us may feel obligated to make others happy. However, we don’t have control over other people’s emotions. For example, we may feel inclined or obligated to choose a career path because our parents may feel it is what is best for us. However, we may not always feel that it is the best […]


We may think happiness is not within our reach due to unpleasant situations that have occurred in our lives. Ultimately, it’s all about the way we think about the situations and think about ourselves. For instance, one may feel like he or she is having a “bad” day. However, one may overlook positive experiences that […]