Trauma (EMDR & CBT)

We all go through different experiences in our lives. Some of these events may be more difficult for us to endure than others. Whether one has gone through a sexual abuse, experienced a natural disaster, or been in a car accident, these situations may cause us to feel intense anxiety or stress. As a result, we may feel as if our life has changed and we have a different perception on how we see things. Sometimes we may struggle to cope with these situations quite a bit. Thus, we may feel stuck, avoidant, or overwhelmed. I offer two types of therapy treatment when it comes to processing traumatic experiences.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of treatment used to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with trauma. Initially, the therapist coaches the client on how to utilize some effective coping skills as you set up to begin the trauma processing sessions. Then, the lateral eye moment stimulation begins and the processing of memories and images begins. Working with your therapist, you are guided through this process and begin to experience it. Millions of people have been treated successfully over the past 25 years and they have made tremendous progress to improve their lives by processing trauma (EMDR Institute Inc).

A lot of attention has been directed at EMDR for it’s effectiveness. I am trained in EMDR and use this method in my practice.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a type of treatment that involves processing feelings and thoughts that have been impacted by traumatic experiences. Through the use of effective coping skills, people can learn to move forward by talking about their experiences and utilizing different techniques throughout treatment. By being able to cope with stressful situations, eventually clients are able to process their trauma through in-vivo narrative exposure therapy. Once clients process their trauma experience, they can heal and more forward with their lives.


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